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Another characteristic of alcohol is that it is mentioned among the “signs of the Doomsday” in order to determine in the minds how bad the drink is in the eyes of Allah and the magnitude of the bad things and bad things that it will produce in the society. While the signs of Doomsday are counted in various hadiths, the increase in the consumption of alcohol is also mentioned in addition to the bad things such as adultery, murder and gambling.

In one of these hadiths stating that drinking will cause both individual and social destruction, Hz. The Prophet (peace be upon him) states the following:

The child said, “Father, a drinker was buried near me. “Hell roared so much for him that all the children got old,” he said.

In order to ensure that the drink is made disgusting in the eyes of the believer, that is to be stabilized. The Prophet (peace be upon him) made an effort and stated the following in this regard:

Despite this, in other words, despite the plague and harm of alcohol, the nonsense among the people that the drink is good for some diseases are also at the same time. This is nothing more than an example of complete ignorance and heedlessness. For, our Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

My daughter was sick. I prepared some nebiz in the test to be a medicine for him. At 0, the Prophet (peace be upon him) came next to us, and the nebiz was boiling on the stove. He immediately asked me:

Another factor that threatens our youth is gambling. Nowadays, under the name of games of chance, many types of gambling have sprung up, and unfortunately, young people and adolescents have become captives of these games.

Gambling is an unjust way of earning that makes people forget their creator, drag them to laziness, destroy their work power and spread grudge and enmity among people, and it means to hit or have them knocked easily.

All games based on chance are played initially to have fun and to spend time. As people win, they play for the pleasure and ambition of winning. As he loses, he plays again to make up for his losses. Eventually he becomes a gambler.

It should be kept in mind that children and families have the right to lose money in gambling. If the money is won, it is illegitimate, it is haram. Gambling is the illegitimate acquisition of money and a commodity that another person, their family, children and even orphans are entitled to.

There is no such thing as winning at gambling. Either way, it is the two sides that lose. Gambling is such a disease and disease that some people were murdered because of it, some of their families were destroyed, and their children remained on the streets. Gambling means turning a regular life into an irregular life, destroying and dissolving the family hearth, which is the cornerstone of society. It is to gain the hate of family members and to set them a bad example. Working is to undermine halal earnings, and to make laziness and sluggishness dominate life. It means staying away from mercy, abundance, peace and happiness and living with satanic and sufistic desires. It is not possible to expect benefit from something that Allah has made haram.

Perhaps it may seem too exaggerated to many of us that our religion is so persistent and determined on the issue of drinking. I will say personally that it is a disaster that humanity could grasp and accept in the 20th century.

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